Support Services

Keeping your web site up to date to ensure that it is running latest code, optimizing the site performance, maintaining the relevance of posted information is no less important process than the development of the site. These processes are called service, assistance or maintenance. Our company offers a wide range of support services for web sites. This includes adding and changing information on the website, upgrades and re-design services, help with links exchange, site backups, adding new software modules and additional services.

Technical Support

Technical support (software maintenance) is a service to provide maintenance, support, development, and software update for your web site, checking the integrity of its structure, development, installation and configuration of new functional modules for the site, as well as to provide improvements for existing modules.
We offer our services Internationally and work with Small Business, Medium Business and Corporate Web sites to ensure their integrity, stability and reliability. Your site must always be available to a potential client and run like clockwork.

Technical support also provide the following website services:

  • Web site design changes and refresh
  • Installation and configuration of additional modules, plug-ins that extend the functionality of the site
  • Software updates
  • Control (monitoring) of site performance parameters
  • Iidentification and elimination of possible errors and malfunctions
  • Backup and restore services

Software maintenance requires thorough knowledge of the site components and expertise in developing and maintaining of websites. Allow web design specialists to deal with these issues.

Website Maintenance services

We offer Website Maintenance and Content Management services to take care of any updates (content) on the site, such as creation and placement of news, articles, reviews, theme updates, polls and moderation messages service. Keeping your website content is important because the information presented on this site should be interesting and well written and also relevant and timely.

The Website Maintenance service also takes care of the following needs for your site:

  • Adding new information (article, products, etc)
  • Updating of existing materials
  • Developing and adding banners, promotional items
  • Preparations for publication of images
  • Downloading files, images
  • Creating and editing forms, polls
  • Processing and moderation messages

Website Hosting service

After creating a website it must place in the global network, and the place, so would any Internet user could access the site at any time.

Hosting is a server leased space and server services and solves the following problem:

  • Providing user access to the site
  • Physical location of the site database (typically, MySQL, although there may other kinds of databases)
  • Physical location of files in various formats (. php,. html,. jpg, etc.)
  • Conversion DNS-names in the IP-addresses and vice versa (DNS-hosting)
  • Execution of server-side scripting
  • Providing e-mail
  • Ensure smooth and stable operation of all services

Choose a hosting - and very important task is not simple. Successful and safe operation of the site depends on the host.
We offers quality and reliable hosting using VPS hosting. We will provide the reliability, continuity, accessibility of the site in the world and high-speed operation of the site, ongoing technical support.
E-commerce applications Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting represents the future of web hosting. For many years, full root access has been vital to the successful administration of Linux servers for business and personal sites, however, this necessity was only available with costly dedicated server hosting. The demand for control over server administration with affordable hosting plans was finally met when "virtual dedicated servers" became available.
Platforms like OpenVZ and Xen have revolutionized the hosting industry and created a solid alternative to dedicated servers by allowing a single high-performance server to provide cheap VPS hosting, a choice of Linux operating systems, and compartmentalized file systems for multiple virtual private servers.

System Auditing and Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis Services

  • Our professional team is of highest quality network security engineers. We make sure that any threat is dealt with, a firewall is established, and credit card information secured. We support a secure connectivity, our intrusion detection systems provide protection for all areas of the network and ensure secure connections.
    We offer System Auditing and Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis Services.

Graphic Design

  • Using the appropriate layout and color schemes for your website is crucial. We make sure that you are using the appropriate amount of graphics to optimize the page loading speed and graphical beauty of the site.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Search Engines drive a vast majority of the e-commerce traffic on the web. The more "Searchable" (Search Engines optimized) your site is, the easier it is for your site to get more visitors and convert them to the customers. This SEO Package will help you to ensure your site is up to the best standards according to the SEO - a necessary component of a good online marketing campaign.

Modification, Upgrading and Troubleshooting services

  • Zen Cart Modifications. Sometimes you need a little special "something" added to your website to improve its functionality or offer new items to your customers. Zen Cart has a ton of modules both free and paid, that may meet your needs. Our maintenance, modification and upgrading service could be used to take care of such requirements. Listed in this category are examples of various zen cart mods that have been requested the most.
  • Zen Cart Troubleshooting;
  • Install and Set up Payment Module;
  • Repair of Hacked Zen Cart Website;
  • Zen Cart Upgrade - It is always important to keep any software that you have upgraded. In the case of a shopping cart program, it is VERY important because of bug fixes and security upgrades.
  • Drupal Upgrades -The cost of upgrading your Drupal site to the latest version depends on the current version of your site as well as the number of contributed modules that need to be upgraded. Please provide these details and we can give you an estimate for upgrading.

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